Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya College


News & Events - (2019)

 S.NO  Date  Event   Guest   Topic
1  7-8-2019   1 Day Guest Lecture  Sri. N. Kalidas   
Dr. N. Bhanumathi Das

 A Motivation lecture  on personality  Guest Lecture on "Advanced Concrete Technology"

  2 18-12-2019  Inauguration of Student Chapter's Dr. Rupesh Iyengar

 Fire & Safety (Student Chapter's)

  3  21-12-2019  Student’s Campus Activity  Faculty and Students

 Clean & Green

News & Events - (2020)

 S.NO  Date  Event   Guest   Topic
1 13-2-2020  Student Workshop Petroleum Conservation Research Association

 Workshop on Fuel Conservation collaboration with PCRA saksham and organized painting competition

  2 27-31st July 2020 Recent Trends and Innovations in Civil Engineering Prof.G.Appa.Rao Prof.K.V.D.G.Balaji Prof.C.N.V Satyanarayana Reddy Prof.Vazeer Mahmmood Dr.D.Mukunda.Rao

Recent Trends and Innovations in Civil Engineering

  3 31Aug- 4th Sep 2020 5 Day International Webinar Dr.Ram Kishore Manchiryal, Dr.Vishal Dattana Mr.Vikas Rao Mr.Chiranjivi Rrahul

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