Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya College of Engineering

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7.1.2(1) Geo-Tagged Photographs View
7.1.2(2) Invoices View
7.1.2(3) MoUs For Solid and e-Waste Management View
7.1.2(4) Circulars for No Entry of Automobiles and Ban on Use of Plastic View
7.1.2(5) Scribe Letters View
7.1.2(6) Policy Documents View
7.1.2(7) Report on Green Campus Initiatives View
7.1.3(1) Policy for Energy Utilization and Environment View
7.1.3(2) Green Audit report View
7.1.3(3) Environment audit Report View
7.1.3(4) Energy audit Report View
7.1.3(5) Document Related to Clean and Green Campus Initiatives View
7.1.3(6) Certificates of the awards received from recognized agency View
7.1.3(7) Document related to Environment Promotion Activities beyond Campus View