Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya College

Program Objectives

  • PO 1. The graduates would be able to apply the knowledge of mathematics, sciences, engineering fundamentals and skills to solve problems in electronics and communication.

  • PO 2. The graduates would acquire skills to analyse complex problems in the domain of electronics and communication engineering.

  • PO 3. The graduates would be able to design, develop and validate solutions for electronics and communication systems meeting the specifications vis-à-vis the society.

  • PO 4. The graduates will have proficiency to acquire, analyse data and interpret results leading to relevant research.

  • PO 5. The graduates would be able to use appropriate modern engineering/simulation tools including modelling and forecasting for complex technological entities.

  • PO 6. The graduates would have awareness of and the need to uphold professional and ethical responsibilities and also be aware of social, ethical and legal aspects of their work.