Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya College


News & Events - (2021-2022)

S.no Date Event Guest Topic


  1  20-Feb-21  Technical Quiz  Ms.T.Aruna
 Assistant Professor

 Activity-CSI Student  chapter

  2  27-Feb-21  Group Discussion  Mr.B.SantosKumar
 Assistant  Professor

 Activity-CSI Student  chapter

  3  06-Mar-21  Problem  Solving  Dr.G.VamsiKrishna
 Sr.Assistant  Professor

 Activity-CSI Student  chapter

  4  08-Mar-21  Women’s day  Inter Department

 Competitions- Best out  of Waste

  5  20-Mar-21  Problem  Solving  CSI Student  chapter

 CSI Student chapter

  6  22-Apr-21  Earth day  Internal  competitions

 Crafts out of waste, garden

  7  23-Apr-21  Online classes  For II, and III  B.Tech students

 Second semester 2020- 21

News & Events - (2019-2020)

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1  11-Feb-19  Seminar  Prof.Bhanoji Rao  Singapore  University

 A Motivation lecture to all  teachers.

  2  08-Mar-19  MegaTechnical  Event  Mrs.Lakshmi  Mukkavalli, MD,  Patra India5

 Project expo, Poster  Presentation, Quiz.

  3  05-May-19  Workshop  Ms.G.Lavanya  Alumni

 AWS account creation  and uploading data.

  4  07-May-19  Summer  Internship  In Association with  Vizag IT Startups

 Web Technologies.

  5  19-Jun-19  Hackathon(2  days)  In Association with  Vizag IT Startups

 Web site development.

  6  20-Jul-19  Clubs  formation  In Association with  IBM

 Coding club,Design club  and Idea club.

  7  22-Jul-19  Guest lecture  Prof.Santhosh  vempala and  Dr.Rosa Arriaga  Georgia Tech USA

 Machine learning

  8  02-Aug-19  Seminar  Mr.G.Prasad COO  Panten  Technologies.

 Pre-placement Talk

  9  26-Aug-19  Technical  Session  Mr.MaheshPappu
 CEO UniwayHyd
 Ex-Senior Data  Scientist, US

 Applications of Artificial  Inteligence

  10  31-Aug-19  Technical  Session  Mr.RishiKumar

 Block chain  Technologies

  11  04-Sep-19  John Mc-Carthy Birthday celebrations  Prof.Kuda NageswaraRao Head,Dept of CSSE Andhra University


  12  04-Sep-19  Guest lecture  Prof.S.VizianandaRow Head, Dept of IT, Andhra University

 Artificial Intelligence

  13  05-Dec-19  Seminar  Dr.VaraLakshmi

 The roadmap of careers  in Data Science

  14  07-Dec-19  Workshop  Mr.Santosh  Mahapatro GIT Solutions

 Python Programming

  15  20-Jan-20  Seminar  Mrs.Sailaja  Perumalla,IBM


  16  29-Jan-20  Seminar  IDP International

 Career & Studies Abroad

  17  31-Jan-20  Webinar  Mr.Karthik Ragubathy Solutions Architect  Alexa Amazon

 Building engaging voice  Experiences with Alexa

  18  10-Feb-20  Seminar  Mr.V.TarunKumar  CEO Ignited Sparks  Technical solutions

 Mobile Security

  19  15-Feb-20  Interactive  session  Mr.Hemanth
 Lead Architect  IBM

 How to go beyond  Academics

  20  01-Jun-20  FDP(3days)  In association with IBM

 Research Initiatives in IT

  21  24-Aug-20  Webinar  Mr.S.M.Rahaman
 Assistant Professor
 Assistant Professor

 How to produce effective  online teaching content  with screen casting.

  22  01-Sep-20  Online classes  For II, and III  B.Tech students

 First Semester

News & Events - (2015-2018)

S.no Date Event Guest Topic


1  11-Sep-15  Personality  development  program  Dr.G.Sowmya,  psychologist

 A Motivation lecture  on personality  development.

  2  29-Nov-16  Workshop(2  days)  APSSDC

 Maya Animation  Workshop

  3  22-Feb-17  Workshop(2  days)  DataPro

 Oracle 10i-SQL  developer 2000.

  4  08-Mar-17   Women’s day  DR.SHEETAL
 (MBBS,MS)  Gynaecologist,
 Manipal Hospital

 Cancer Awareness.

  5  08-Mar-17  Seminar  TVLN Satyavani  Additional Director  NSTL  Job opportunities,career  guidance.
  6  23-May-17  Workshp(2  weeks)  APSSDC  Algorithm Design  Techniques.
  7  06-Jun-17  Workshop(5  Days)  APSSDC

 Mobile Application  Development through  Android with mini project.

  8  11-Feb-18  Workshop  Ms.AshaJain
 Asha’s Grooming  Academy

 Professional Grooming  & attitude

  9  08-Mar-18  Women’s day  Ms.Saumya  Pandey IRS
 Income Tax Dept

 Gender Issues &  Preparation for Civil  Services

  10  07-Sep-18  Workshop  In association with  IFS

 Government  sponsorship for aboard  education

  11  18-Sep-18  Workshop(3  days)  APITA

 Cyber Security

  12  29-Oct-18  FDP(3 days)  CDAC,Bangalore

 Internet of Things

  13  15-Dec-18  Technical Event  Mr.MurtyRonanki

 Devops and Machine  Learning